undjurekbrüggen is an architectural practice that considers architecture as an immanent part of a common Earth shared with all people, animals, plants and things. Instead of placing individual, human objects in a natural world in crisis, undjurekbrüggen intends to connect the world you live in and the world you live from in one space.

With the aim of not only protecting the Earth, but also caring for it and actively shaping it in a positive way, undjurekbrüggen initiates ecological projects in cooperation with other actors.

These projects can have different formats (building, furniture, text, film, campaign, neighbourhood or landscape), but always deal with the existing in terms of building, ecology, economy, politics, climate and comfort.  

_undjurekbrüggen is co-founding member of the architecture collective OFEA Office for Ecological Architecture



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Erich Mendelsohn Preis 2023 
Newcomer Award, Winner Gold

Bauwelt-Preis 2023 

KFW Award Bauen 2020 

DAM Preis 2020
Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Nominierung

Best Architects 20 Award 
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Häuser des Jahres 2019, Callwey Verlag

_selected publications (books)
Kleine Häuser, 2023
ISBN 978-3-7667-2668-1

Jahrbuch der Architektur, 2020
ISBN 978-3-946154-51-8

best architects 20,
ISBN 978-3-946021-04-9

Architekturführer Deutschland 2020,
ISBN 978-3-86922-749-8

Urlaubsarchitektur Selection 2019, cover project,
ISBN 978-3-9817367-5-5

Häuser des Jahres 2019,
ISBN 978-3-7667-2425-0

100 Traumhäuser, 2021 
ISBN 978-3-7667-2494-6

Kleine Häuser, 2020
ISBN 978-3-7913-8623-2

gues critic, TU Berlin, Studio Prof. Jacob van Rijs, 07.2024

guest critic, HCU Hamburg, Studio Prof. Henrik Becker und Maike Basista, 12.2023

guest critic, Umgebaut, TU Berlin, Studio Prof. Jacob van Rijs, 07.2023

guest critic, Kollektiv Werben, TU Darmstadt, ENB Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Nachhaltiges Bauen, Studio Prof Christoph Kuhn, 07.2023

guest critic, Haus und Hof & Co, Synergien auf dem Land, TU Darmstadt, ENB Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Nachhaltiges Bauen, Studio Prof Christoph Kuhn, 02.2023


Eine Stehlampe exhibited at Lux Feininger und seine Bauhaus Familie, Meisterhäuser, Haus Feiniger, Dessau, 2024 

Eine Stehlampe exhibited at London Design Festival, Vitra Showroom, 2023

Eine Stehlampe exhibited at Vitra House, Weil am Rhein, 2022

Eine Stehlampe exhibited at 3daysofdesign Copenhagen, Vitra Showroom, 2022

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uferwerk eG
Wohnungsbau-Genossenschaft “Almark” eG 
Gemeinde Uzwil
Johanniterkomturei Werben e.V.
OFED GmbH  Office for Ecological Developments 


If you have a general request, are interested to collaborate on a project with us or just wanna reach out, please send your inquiry to team@undjb.eu

If you are interested in featuring our work, you can find all relevant information and necessary material on this website / the individual project pages. For requests on interviews and publications, workshops and lectures, or other public formats, please send your inquiry to press@undjb.eu

If you are interested in our practice and would like to join us, we are looking forward to your application. Please send a specific motivation letter and portfolio by mail to job@undjb.eu, or as hard-copy via post. We will contact you, when we have open positions.

Furniture designs by undjurekbrüggen are available at einsundviele.de

Caroline Axelsen, Rebecca Buus, Noah Curinga, Joanna von Essen, Anh Hoffmann, Diana Fügener, Nina Lehrum, Lena Feit, Annemarie Niehaus, Yola Fahdt, Marcus Friede

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012 Für Werben

Werben (Elbe)
Noah Curinga, Aimée Michelfelder und Jurek Brüggen

Für Werben is a collection of proposals and interventions for the small town of Werben (Elbe) - for a better, more beautiful and more ecological life.

Agro-photovoltaic systems are a very good means of generating renewable energy in rural areas, compatible with agricultural production in the same place. In the town of Werben, the collective management of solar installations outside the old town could enable renewable electricity generation by all residents despite the listed status of their buildings.

The Elbtor and its museum are a testimony to Werben's past. The current design of the front area, the surroundings and the entrance make it difficult for guests to perceive this cultural site and the exhibition. A new entrance and a square that better appreciates this monument would increase its attractiveness. The interior of the museum, as well as the exhibition concept, could also be redesigned to attract more tourists and people interested in history and to inspire them to visit Werben.

The Romanisches Haus, like the Elbtor, is one of Werben's historical and important monuments. The house is also little used and could attract many visitors if it were more accessible and an exhibition were shown inside. A project for the surroundings and the interior of the building could make it another important museum in the city.

The town hall of Werben is the administrative centre of the town and as a historical building it is an important part of the architectural heritage of the town. A bus stop that is more connected to this building would make this central square more attractive. In addition to the people who come to the city by bus, many others also reach the city via the Elbe cycle path. Bicycle stands with charging stations would make the stay of these visitors more pleasant and invite them to linger.  

In the centre of the old town there are also old garages from the GDR era. Upgrading these garages, together with a nature-oriented design of the square around them, could invite residents to appropriate this central place of the city and thus make it more lively.

The energy concept of the Komturei is based on a cascade of different heat pumps, regenerative electricity generation through photovoltaics, and a large underground storage tank to store the thermal energy. With a local heating network, this ecologically, efficiently and cost-effectively generated energy is to be distributed to all houses. This network could be extended to houses in the city. This would enable those who wish to do so to obtain local, renewable energy.

OFEA Office for Ecological Architecture

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