undjurekbrüggen is an architectural practice dedicated to ecology und economy, politics und participation, climate und comfort, workshops und constructions, buildings und furniture, neighbourhoods und landscapes. The practice investigates architecture and design beyond the single object. Instead, it understands architecture as an immanent part of the common Earth with all humans, animals, plants and things. We think the Earth no longer only needs to be protected, but to be cared for and designed in a positive way.


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_undjurekbrüggen is co-founding member of the architecture collective OFEA Office for Ecological Architecture

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Furniture that Moves, ETH Zürich,
17.11.2021, Querformat  

und Architektur, TU Darmstadt, 27.10.2022, ENB Fachgebiet Entwerfen und Nachhaltiges Bauen

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Contributor, Jahreszeitenhaus, Häuser des Jahres 2020, DAM Deutsches Architektur Museum, Frankfurt, 2020

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Jahrbuch der Architektur, 2020
ISBN 978-3-946154-51-8

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ISBN 978-3-946021-04-9

Architekturführer Deutschland 2020,
ISBN 978-3-86922-749-8

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Häuser des Jahres 2019,
ISBN 978-3-7667-2425-0

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If you are interested in our practice and would like to join us, we are looking forward to your application. Please send a specific motivation letter and portfolio by mail to collaborate@undjb.eu, or as hard-copy via post. We will contact you, when we have open positions.

Furniture designs by undjurekbrüggen are available at einsundviele.de

Anh Hoffmann, Diana Fügener, Nina Lehrum, Lena Feit, Annemarie Niehaus, Yola Fahdt, Marcus Friede  

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014 Zufälliger Innenhof

Diana Fügener, Nik Bieri, Valentin Wagner, Jurek Brüggen

The concept for a courtyard in Berlin combines human design and the supposed wilderness of nature in flowing transitions. It combines apparent opposites of order and disorder, planning and coincidence to a green retreat for humans, animals and plants in the centre of the city. The irregularity creates different living areas even in a small space and thus promotes biodiversity.

On the floor of the passage, the typical Berlin paving is continued - with re-used large Charlottenburg granite slabs. In the courtyard, the concrete paving stones will be cleaned and rearranged. The small granite paving is retained as guiding lines for the new rows of slabs. Towards the green space the pavement dissolves irregularly.

There are specific and random rules for the position of the paving stones. The beginning of each row lies on the connecting line between the passage and the entrance. Each row has a given length in both directions. The distance between the stones increases as the length of the row increases. There are half stones and whole stones. Sometimes a stone is missing, sometimes no stone is missing. With these rules, a computer programme generated 1 000 variants. One of them was selected.

The plants are selected for the shady location below the tree. The mixed plantings are divided into 4 groups according to their height of growth. These four planting zones are arranged linearly along the path, so that the height of the plants increases with increasing distance from the path. The plantings end in a mixed hedge along the fence and the terrace. The colours of the flowers and plants alternate from dense green with predominantly white flowers to different shades of red in autumn.


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undjurekbrüggen Architektengesellschaft 
+49 157 50971179‬ 
Gotzkowskystraße 33, D-10555 Berlin
Kirchplatz 6, D-39615 Werben (Elbe) @undjurekbrueggen